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One and Only

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Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Editor | Feature Documentary | in Post-Production

Chinese with English subtitle

An intimate exploration of the unintended consequences of China’s One Child Policy. Three only-child families navigate the mother-son relationship and build towards an uncertain tomorrow.

Grounded in cinema verité in three different cities, One and Only, a character-driven documentary, paints a vivid picture of China’s uniqueness and culture. It takes a personal and nuanced look at three only-child families’ real lives and struggles with the unintended consequences of China’s One Child Policy.

Selected Press

- Asian Movie Pulse: "Coming soon, One and Only – an Exploration of the Consequences of China’s OneChild Policy by Director and Editor Zheyu Liang."

- Indie Activity: "One and Only by Zheyu Liang explores the Unintended Consequences of China’s One-Child Policy."

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