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Asian Inspirations


Director | Feature Documentary | 2022 | 71 min

English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese with English subtitle

Produced by Joon Hwan Choi, Young Joon Cha, Crystine Zhang, Shihan Lu

Presented by ODK Media and Shandong Film & TV Media International


Starred three high-profile figures:

Duy-Loan T. Le, the first woman and Asian elected as a Texas Instruments Senior Fellow and led multi-billions projects. She holds 24 patents, all earning places in Texas Instruments' Hall of Fame.

Charles Huang, a global entrepreneur who founded Pasaca Capital, a multi-billion-dollar evergreen fund with various global portfolio companies, and Innova Medical Group which secured $2.7 billion COVID-19 antigen rapid test contracts from the UK government and worldwide customers. He was recognized as “Philantropreneur of the Year” by the California Legislature Assembly.


C.K. David Chu, 42 patents holder, the member of the National Institutes of Health Advisory Committee (NIH), American Chemical Society and American Association for Cancer Research. He discovered Clevudine, an antiviral drug for the treatment of hepatitis B (HBV).

What is success? Told through personal stories, Asian Inspirations, first of its kind, selects three influential Asian-Americans and shows the footprint and legacy of Asian Americans, who not only contribute to the community, society and the world in various ways, but also inspire the younger generations to strive to make a better society.

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Selected Press

- Indie Wrap:"Rising Stars_ Meet Director and Editor Zheyu Liang."

- The Korea Daily: "Prof. Joo Joong-Kwang, the King of Donation, is coming out with a documentary."

- Atlanta JoongAng Ilbo: "Prof. Joo Joong-Kwang, the King of Donation, is coming out with a documentary."

- University of Houston: "Global Documentary Features Board Member0 Duy-Loan Le (MBA ‘89) and Dean Paul A. Pavlou."

Film Stills

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